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24 Inch Chain, Silver Necklaces,

Any style of 24 inch chain can be made to your own unique specification please ask

24" Cable Figaro Chain Necklace 2mm

24" Cable Figaro Necklace Chain

Medium weight chain for light pendants or for wearing on its own.

Price £20

4 x2.5mm Oval Belcher 24"

4x2.5 oval belcher

Price £14

3.5mm Diamond Cut Figaro 24" Necklace

3.5mm dc figaro necklace

Hallmarked 3.5mm Diamond Cut Figaro Chain 24"

Price £36

1.3mm Prince of Wales 24 inch

1mm Prince of Wales  24 inch

Price £12

1.5mm Belcher 24 inch

1.5mm belcher 24 inch

Price £12

1.5mm Ball Chain 24 inch

1.5mm ball chain 24 inch

Price £18

2.5mm 24 inch Spiga Chain

2.5mm 24 inch spiga chain

Hallmarked 2.5mm 24" Spiga Chain, suitable for wearing on its own or with medium/heavy pendants.

Price £40

1.9mm 24 inch Spiga Chain Necklace

1.9mm 24 inch Spiga Necklace Chain

Price £22

24" 1mm Snake Chain


Price £18

24" 1.6mm Snake Chain

1.5mm snake 24 inch

Price £20

24" DC 1.75mm Flat Curb Chain Necklace

24 inch 1.75mm dc flat curb necklace

Price £16

24" 2.7mm Flattened Octagonal Curb Chain

2.7mm flat octagonal curb 24 inch

Slinky, sparkling silver chain for light/medium pendants or to be worn on its own.

Price £15

24" 1.25mm Open Curb Chain Necklace

24 inch 1.25mm open curb necklace chain

Light silver chain, suitable for wearing on it's own or with light pendant/charm.

Price £6

24 Inch 2.5mm Curb Chain

2.5mm curb 24 inch

Medium weight chain for medium to heavier pendants, nice slinky quality to it.

Price £35

24" 2.3mm Round Belcher Necklace Chain


Lightweight chain necklace for lighter pendants and charms.

Price £15

24 Inch 1.9mm Close Curb Necklace Chain

24 inch 2mm close curb chain necklace

Medium weight silver chain suitable for wearing on its own or with medium/heavy pendants.

Price £20


Hallmarked 24 Inch Rounded Box Necklace Chain 2.6mm

24 inch 2.6mm box chain necklace

Lovely heavy rounded box chain with a full U.K. Assay Office mark. It looks really good with most thing but goes very well with Trollbeads, Pandora etc.

Price £60